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Vauxhall VIVARO | (6 beoordelingen)

Linlithgow, West Lothian, Verenigd Koninkrijk

Over de eigenaar

Verhuurder Kevin & Susan

Accepteert 68% van de aanvragen


5.3 m
2.204 m
2.49 m
Vrije reisafstand:
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Niet Roken
Geen Huisdieren
Sneeuwbestemmingen niet toegestaan
Festivals niet toegestaan
Niet-Brits rijbewijs toegestaan
Minimum leeftijd: 25 jaar


WA + Volledig Casco
Verenigd Koninkrijk
Pechhulp service


De borg voor dit kampeermiddel bedraagt €1.250. De borg wordt na de huurperiode aan je teruggestort.

6 Beoordelingen

If you just want to cut to the chase and know how I rated my experience with Storm, then here it is - 5* with additional bells and whistles.
From the outset when I first enquired about the availability of Storm, Kevin was very quick at responding, with concise information answering all my questions, thereby allowing me to quickly decide this was the campervan for me.
On the day of picking up Storm, Kevin went above and beyond being helpful by picking me up from Edinburgh airport a taking me to Linlithgow (not to say he will do that for everyone, but I did have a lot of photographic gear with me).
Another example of their helpfulness - I realised at Gatwick Airport I had forgotten to print my Calmac ferry ticket for the ferry to Mull; after emailing it Sue, she printed it for me only to realise I had booked the wrong date! Sue then called Calmac to figure our my options for getting to Mull and then gave me a mini presentation when I arrived at Linlithgow on how my plans would need to change and how it would be possible for me to still get to Mull the same day! I would have been a little snookered without her help.
Once the admin for having Storm for 2 weeks was done (very easy and straightforward, (was very reassuring to know the insurance/breakdown cover/etc was spot on), they gave me a thorough rundown of everything about storm, explaining how to use all its facilities, plus the reassurance if I forgot something I could always call them to find out.
My trip itself was awesome, spending two weeks wildlife watching/photography on the Isle of Mull. Having Storm made it super easy to get around and be flexible in my plans.
Storm has pretty much everything you need and more (obviously it doesn't have a shower, but you could take their portaloo if required, but you'll use invaluable storage space if you take it). At no stage did I think 'oh, I wish I had one of these' - it's all there.
I travelled with a lot of kit (walking, photography, drone) and I found the size of Storm to be perfect for me, I personally wouldn't have wanted someone else to share the van with me, but for more experienced campervaner couples, who know how to juggle things around without murdering each other, then Storm would also be perfect.
Storm itself drives really well and sits comfortable on roads, whether they are single track roads around Mull or the M9 - having previously owned Ford Transits and Toyota Hiace, I did not find Storm lacking in any department of driving.

I can't thank Kevin & Sue enough for letting me use Storm for my trip, thereby allowing me to have the best possible time on my holiday.
I will definitely be using Storm again, there is no doubt about that.

Hired this van for 12 nights and me and my 10 year old daughter had the best time. We travelled the NC500 over 8 nights and then went to the Isle of Skye for a few days. It is THE perfect size for the NC500 as it is easy to drive and manoeuvre. I saw a lot of motorbikes struggle to drive the roads comfortably or reverse on those windy narrow roads. With Storm this is not an issue.

There is lots of storage space so we had no issue taking enough with us for the nearly two weeks away. I cooked in the van every evening and that worked fine too on the two pit stove that is installed. There’s pretty much all the tools in the kitchen you may need. The lights on the van are good too, so many options to provide the right atmosphere for you.

Storm got me a lot of compliments as we where travelling, so I am sure you will love it!

Sue and Kevin are lovely and were on standby when I needed help. Recommend all round!

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