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Productafbeelding - foto 1/14

Miss Vanjie Van

Varsity Lakes, Victoria, Australië

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Oh hey gurl heyyyy. Nice to meet you, I am Miss Vanjie Van. Vanjie for short. I go backwards and forwards and will make all your dreams come true. I lurrrvvvee the colour pink. Actually all colours really. I am unashamedly a 90’s pop princess with a whole lotta personality. (This intro makes a whole lot more sense if you are a RuPauls Drag Race Fan). As a Vanjie I love all types of adventures, from a romantic getaway by the beach, two besties singing “life if a highway” at the top of their lungs, to exploring the nooks of the Australian wilderness, to a crazy doof deep in the Victorian bush. I am super easy gal which makes me super easy to drive. I can be driven in both in auto and manual modes. I am pretty new, I was born in 2014 and since then have been loved, regularly maintained and taken excellent care of. I come with all the stuff you need and love in a van. • Double couch bed transformer: My master tells me that I am a bit of a transformer. By day I have a super comfy couch, for after lunch snoozes, nature or movie watching or general lazing about. By night I have a super comfy double bed for naps and general lazing about. Comes with sheets, doonas and pillows. • Lights and power: Let there be light! I come with two types of indoor lights - mood and surface of the sun style lighting. I have 240 power running of the second battery so you can charge your stuff and run a laptop safely. I have head torches for exploring and Luci lights for the outdoor annexe. • Annexe and kitchen: Yes I have everything a chef could desire, even a cute pink kitchen sink. My kitchen setup is an outdoors affair, use the annexe, bamboo fold-out table, esky, gas stove and kitchen shizz to cook until your heart is content. • Flynet: In the summer so nice it is so nice to sleep with all doors and windows open. Save your body from a mozzie attack and catch some z’s in peace. • Seats for three people: Sadly only a bed for two. If you want I have a “Tensie” - an additional tent that can be rented with a blow up mattress. (Small fee applies) • Games, books activities: Cards, Yahtzee, balls, frisbee, boogie boards, blow up flamingo, a range of books and other fun toys. • Other stuff: Lotsssss of storage, outdoor shower, hiking stove and gear (on request), blow up furniture, tools, floor mats and other bits and bobs “Vanjie loves it when people are inside of her.” Dottie, age 8 2018 Book me to make your dreams come true! P.s. Better pictures to be posted shortly ;)


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My master treats me very well, she loves me a lot and she hopes you will too. I like masters that are respectful that are not dickheads. I think your gonna fall in love with me, so the house rules bit should be easy,



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