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Electric Explorers in the Lake District , Teardrop Trailer Hire - Darwin


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Hawkshead, Cumbria, Verenigd Koninkrijk

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  • Brutomassa voertuig:

    550 kg

    Maximum gewicht:

    750 kg

    Leeg gewicht:

    270 kg


    3.83 m
  • Breedte:

    1.95 m


    1.62 m


Reconnect with nature in this unique teardrop trailer from ElectricExplorers. Easy to tow and ready for you to tour the Lake District. Darwin was manufactured in 2020 by LMC Designs. It is fully insulated, has opening windows, a roof vent and an entrance door on each side. The accommodation comprises of one pull out mattress (w 114cm x l 210cm x d 8cm), Mattress cover and sheet. 2 LED Reading lights, 2 LED Spotlights run off a 12V battery which can be hooked up to campsite electrics, Two cupboards, one open shelve and 2 side tables. There are also external lights above the doors. If you require extra space, an awning can be hired at an additional cost of £10 per night. If your are wanting to explore the Lake District and want to have the flexibility of camping but with some luxury then Darwin our Teardrop trailer is for you. Being a teardrop it is very light, less than 350kg and narrow so an ideal caravan to tow on the Lake District roads. Things to note : Guests will have the entire space, and are able to tow the teardrop to campsites of their choice. Campsite fees are not included in the hire price. Please note your vehicle must be fitted with a suitable towbar (50mm towball) and a single 7-pin or 13-pin electrical socket by the towbar. Collection and Drop Off Times & Cost: The usual collection time is between 15:45 and 18:00 on your first day. If you would like to do a morning collection instead, we can offer collection between 09:00 and 12:00 at the cost of an extra half day’s hire (£25). The usual return time is between 09:00 and 12:00 on your last day. If you would like to do an afternoon return instead, we can offer return between 15:45 and 18:00 at the cost of an extra half day’s hire (£25). We find this option is especially useful for people who are touring farther afield and who do not want to rush back for the morning return time. Awning Hire is £10 per night Please notify us if you wish to take up any of these additional options. For more information visit our website


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Please read the following carefully prior to booking: We want you to have a great time whilst hiring our teardrop. Please review the information on our website, the terms and conditions provided prior to booking and get in touch if you have any questions. Please ensure you have read and understood the following: • In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, damage, theft of the equipment or “force majeure”, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If it is not possible to provide you with a satisfactory replacement teardrop, then we will refund all monies paid in full. This is the maximum extent of our liability to you and we cannot accept liability for any consequential loss. • We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover the event that you may have to cancel your booking or that your booking may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. • We shall not be liable for loss or damage to any of your property unless caused by our negligence. We strongly recommend that you have in place suitable insurance to cover the value of any personal possessions that you take on the hire with you. Collection & Return • We shall give you a collection time for your teardrop when you complete your booking. Please try to make your allocated time as we may have other customers collecting items at other times and we want to be able to give you our undivided attention. • If you are going to arrive at a different time, please let us know as soon as possible and we shall endeavor to fit you in. There may be a wait at busy times. • Please allow 25 minutes for the collection. We shall hook up the teardrop to your vehicle and we shall make sure that you are happy with its operation before you depart. • We shall give you a return time for your teardrop when you complete your booking. Please try to make your allocated time as we may have other customers returning items at other times and we shall need time to prepare the teardrop for its next customer. • We shall remove the teardrop from the hitch of your vehicle at the end of your hire. • If you’re really late back with the tent, please appreciate that we reserve the right to charge you an extra day’s hire. Late returns may mean that someone else can’t have the tent for their holiday. What is Included • We shall provide the teardrop of your choice. • The teardrop is supplied with a bespoke sized mattress (3-inch thick, medium rating), an anti-condensation mat, a mattress protector sheet, and a mattress sheet over the top of the protector. Unless you have arranged to hire bed linen, please bring your own sleeping bags/duvet or bed linen, and any pillows, as per your requirements. • If you have arranged to hire bed linen from us, then we shall supply you with a covered duvet, and the requested number of pillows with covers. • All hired items remain the sole property of Electric Explorers at all times. What is not Included • You will need to arrange and pay for any campsite booking or any other accommodation arrangements you choose to make. • The hire of the teardrop does not include any camping equipment beyond what is provided in the teardrop itself. The webpage for each teardrop gives a full list of all features and equipment that are supplied, together with a list of extras that you can choose to add to your hire. Trailer Numberplate • It is your responsibility to display your vehicle's registration number on the trailer at all times during your hire. If you do not have a suitable numberplate, we are happy to supply one to you for a small fee. Alternatively, there are many other numberplate makers who can send you one by next day delivery. • If you would like us to make you a numberplate, please let us know as soon as possible. We are a registered number plate supplier (RNPS), license # 67386. In order to make you a plate, we must see proof of your identity and proof of your entitlement to the numberplate. Please check the UK government website for the current list of acceptable documents. The most commonly used documents are your driving license and your vehicle's V5 logbook. If you need any help, just get in touch with us and we shall tell you what we require. Towing • You are responsible for the teardrop trailer during the period of your hire. • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are insured 3rd party for towing the trailer. This is a legal requirement. Most insurers will automatically cover you 3rd party when towing, but you must satisfy yourself that you have this cover. By proceeding with the hire, you are stating that you have such insurance cover. • Your vehicle must be fitted with a suitable towbar (50mm towball) and a single 7-pin or 13-pin electrical socket by the towbar. • Your vehicle’s towing capacity must meet or exceed the weight of the trailer plus the weight of anything you put in it whilst it is being towed. Each trailer on our website lists its weight and its maximum permissible load when towing. • All drivers must be over 25 years of age at the start of the hire period, and they must have at least 2 years driving experience. The named hirer must be over 25 years of age at the start of the hire period. • You must fit a numberplate to the trailer which matches the towing vehicle’s registration. We are happy to make one for you at minimal cost (currently £6) but you will need to supply us with certain documentation before the hire. Please read the section 'Trailer Numberplate' for more details. • It is your responsibility to ensure that your driving license entitlement allows you to tow the teardrop trailer. If you have a full UK driving license, you will almost certainly have the “Category B E” entitlement which allows you to tow a trailer, but it is your responsibility to check this. • We shall make sure that the trailer is in a roadworthy condition and that it meets all legal requirements for use on UK roads. All our trailers are type-approved and they possess a VIN (vehicle identification number). • It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable traffic laws whilst you are towing. Your Safety • We shall clean the teardrop before your hire. Please return it in a similar state of cleanliness so that the next guests can enjoy their stay. • There is strictly no smoking or vaping permitted in the teardrop trailer. This is not only for your safety; the smoke will impregnate the fabrics of the teardrop and it will probably trigger the smoke alarm. This will incur forfeiture of the security deposit as the teardrop will have to be taken out of service and deep cleaned. • No naked flames or other heat sources (such as lit matches, candles, stoves etc..) are allowed in the teardrop trailer. • Please make sure that any heating or cooking appliance or naked flame outside the trailer is far enough away to avoid damaging the trailer. • Pets are not allowed inside the teardrop or any attached awning if hired from us. • There is a smoke alarm inside the trailer which will activate in the event of a fire. If the alarm sounds, get out of the trailer immediately. • There is a carbon monoxide alarm in the trailer which will activate in the event of elevated carbon monoxide levels. If the alarm sounds, get out of the trailer immediately. • There is a fire extinguisher inside the trailer for your use in a fire emergency, but your priority must be to exit the trailer. The fire extinguisher is suitable for use on all classes of fire. • No more than the specified number of persons are allowed to sit/sleep in the teardrop trailer. • It is illegal to carry anyone in the teardrop trailer whilst it is in transit. • Please always use the supplied set of wheel chocks to secure the trailer on level ground before unhitching. You must always site the trailer on level firm ground. • The roof vent must be closed when the trailer is unattended, but for your comfort it should be left open for ventilation when occupied, particularly when sleeping. • All instructions given during the handover of the teardrop trailers must be followed during the hire period to minimise the risk of personal injury, loss and/or damage. Trailer Security • The wheel clamp and hitch lock provided must be used whenever the teardrop is left unattended. This applies to situations when it is attached to a vehicle as well as when it is not attached to a vehicle. The hitch lock can be used both when the trailer is attached and when it is unattached, but you must not drive with the hitch lock attached. Doing so will restrict the movement of the hitch and this may damage the trailer, the lock and your vehicle. • All doors of the teardrop trailer must be locked whenever it is unattended. You can lock the doors from the inside for your privacy. • Please also close all windows whenever the trailer is unattended. • All our teardrop trailers are fitted with tracking devices. These are solely in place to help with the recovery of stolen goods in the unfortunate event of any theft. The tracking devices only track the location of the teardrop trailer; they do not have the capability to do anything else. We would only access the tracking data in the event of theft. Problems During your Hire • If you have any problems with the teardrop trailer during your hire, please let us know sooner rather than later so that we can see what we can do to put things right. • If we are unable to fix a problem to your satisfaction, there may be the option to switch to an alternative teardrop trailer, though this will depend entirely upon the availability of another teardrop. • If the trailer is stolen whilst in your care, you must notify us immediately. Please report the theft to the police, obtain a crime reference number and give this to us. • In the event of an accident whilst towing the teardrop trailer and the teardrop has sustained/caused damage: o Obtain the names and addresses of third parties, witnesses and registration numbers. o Report the accident to the police and any emergency services as required. Do not accept blame or insist that the other party is at fault. o Take photographs of the scene and any damage. o Please contact us so that we may assess the damage prior to the trailer being towed any further. o Depending on availability and at our discretion, we will endeavor to provide a substitute teardrop trailer, subject to your location and the remaining hire period. • Please note that in all cases our liability to you is limited to the total sum of monies you have paid to us for the hire. This does not affect your statutory rights. Security Deposit • At the handover we shall inspect the teardrop with you so that you are happy with its condition at the start of the hire period. • Please return the teardrop in a similar state of cleanliness so that the next guests can enjoy their stay. • Please note that pets are not allowed inside the teardrop. • We shall return the security deposit within 7 days of the end of the hire period. If there is any non-trivial damage to the hired teardrop or any hired camping equipment, then we shall deduct the cost of rectifying this damage from your security deposit. If the cost of rectification exceeds the value of the security deposit, you agree to pay us the balance up to a further £250, making your total potential liability in the event of damage to be the sum of £500. This does not prejudice our right to seek extra redress in the event of gross negligence or malicious damage. • We are not going to quibble over minor damage or wear & tear; we will not hold back the security deposit without reasonable cause. We much prefer to give the entire security deposit back to our customers. • Please let us know of any damage or loss as soon as possible. This gives us the best chance to minimise our losses and to ensure the teardrop can be ready for the next guests. Data Protection • As part of the booking process, we collect the minimal amount of information required to manage your booking and to process your payment. We do not pass this information on to any 3rd party. We do not use it for marketing purposes. • For crime prevention purposes, each teardrop trailer has a tracking device attached. The purpose of the tracker is solely to give us a chance of recovering the trailer if it is stolen. The tracker can only broadcast its GPS location every few minutes. It is not capable of recording any audio or video. We do not access or use the tracker data unless you report that the trailer has been stolen during your hire. Its sole purpose is to protect our property, not to monitor you in any way during your hire. • As the tracker collects potentially personally identifying information for the purposes of crime prevention, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office () under registration number ZB313908. Please see the full statement on our website regarding our processing of your personal data.



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18 juni

From start to finish the communication was friendly and helpful. 'Darwin' the teardrop was in immaculate condition, and a great head turner when towed behind our motorhome. My brother inlaw enjoyed his stay in the teardrop, so much we have purchased our own.


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