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We travelled to Bathurst for the 'Great Race' in this enormous penthouse of an RV. The Vehicle was extremely easy to drive considering it size and weight. It didn't miss a beat and was a dream navigating the country roads and Sydney suburbs. If your a confident driver and have experience in a vehicle of this size then you will love it!! Everything was clean and tidy inside and out and was in good working order. When we set up our campsite and extended the side wall out, the RV was HUGE! At its full potential we were surprised by how much room there was. It really is huge! It was fully stocked with every camping addition you could imagine, we were even offered the scooter on the back if we wanted it. Unfortunately we didn't need it this time. We used all the facilities, cooking our own meals every night using the oven, stove and microwave and storing our supplies in the enormous fridge. We will use this RV in the future because it has everything! Hakan (the owner) was great to deal with and explained everything prior to handing me the keys, we will defiantly use this vehicle next year as well as the near future!
We hired Hakan's Esperance motorhome to try before buying. A very worthwhile exercise. The owner, Hakan, was very friendly, flexible and gave us a good orientation. The 3L Iveco was great on the highway with plenty of power to keep up with traffic and take on hills. An easy unit to drive despite is dimensions. I had zero experience in such a vehicle. The automated manual transmission was not to my liking but didn't present any problems. Just a matter of familiarity. "Ivvie" ,as the MH, is called has plenty of extra features, too many to experience on a four day trip. Hakan has plenty of goodies stored in the multitude of compartments. Automatic fridge was great. One thing I would suggest to Hakan and all hirers... have a "Take Off" check list / facts sheet. We were very comfortable and appreciative of Hakan's help and advice.

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